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?⑥뭅吏?끂?럋ttp://www.79ama.com??On Casino games ensure fairness for players

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?⑥뭅吏?끂苑곷㉧??www.79ama.com?⑥뭅吏?끂寃?쬆 gambling, fair This sounds a bit simple.

Even if a gaming company is trying to cheat using gaming software, that's not to use gaming software. This is because the game company can not benefit the player because the right to operate the software is in the hands of the "game software vendor". I am interested because it is the same as harming the reputation of the software vendor.

However, after acquiring the software license, the game company has the right to modify 1 to 2% of some software data, such as "explosion rate". Can some people control which cards dealers deal with per game? This is out of control and everything is arbitrary, but what the dealer can control is to adjust the reasonable odds in the 1-2% range! Coin toss is almost equal in probability of having a negative or positive result, but the probability is almost the same, but what if you add some weight to one side of the coin? Dealers do not hunt for specific players. You can think of dealers as market operators. All he needs to do is to ensure profitability under the premise of the entire market. It's not an issue for dealers to pay attention to, so there is no point killing or chasing issue that everyone discusses. Otherwise what could be the legend of someone winning 40 million cash at the casino with 40,000? And such legends often occur.

Finally, the fact that legitimately operated bookmakers using world-class gaming software adjusts the odds of opening or leisure or other betables by one to two percent depending on market response is actually known to everyone in the gambling industry. . The secret, that is, bankers and player bets, bankers have 1-2% of the casino advantage in the entire mega trend (note that if the bet is lucky it's a mega trend, not a specific player) With this big trend, you win You can bet, but even if you aren't right, if you are lucky and have a big jump order, you can still lose big and win small. The same is true for casinos as well as players!) So you can choose a world-class platform, choose a legal operations company and choose word of mouth to ensure fairness in gambling.

Game companies using self-made platforms or using tampered leasing platforms are unreliable and not managed by regulators, modifying platform data so that players can lose money for profit. It's not live entertainment at all, but video!


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